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Fischer Road Cargo is a premium logistics provider that offers road transportation across Europe. The company was founded 1946 by Mr. Fischer and has since become a strong transport partner in road feeder service  and industries such as pharmaceutical and life science, AOG, perishables and many more. Fischer Road Cargo’s philosophy is driven by our team of motivated staff throughout the organisation who consider client engagement of key importance.


Fischer Road Cargo views its clients as partners. Therefore we always strive for a lasting, solid relationship and continue to seek improvement and optimisation. This applied end-to-end approach aims to ensure streamlined processes that are continuously analysed, evaluated and optimised. The goal for a long-term partnership.


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We care about the environment. Fischer Road Cargo contribute by investing in vehicles with latest emission standards. More than 60% of entire fleet is equipped with Euro 6 motors cutting particulate emission in half and reducing nitrogen oxide by almost 80%.

We use Bio Diesel to fuel our vehicles.



The Fischer Road Cargo success story goes back to 1946. Mr. Gottfried Fischer, starting with just one Saurer truck, set up an independent business offering a wide range of transport services.


In 1956 Fischer Road Cargo covered the Zurich-Basel-Zurich route for the first time, carrying
luggage for Swissair passengers whose flights were diverted from Zurich to Basel due
to fog at Zurich Airport.


In 1964 he began providing scheduled service on the Zurich-Basel-Zurich route.


In 1998 his individually owned firm became Fischer Transport Inc.


Managing Director Markus Züllig and Balz Halbheer founded Fischer Road Cargo AG, with the objective of expanding into the air freight RFS business. Scheduled freight service to Frankfurt, Brussels and Amsterdam was implemented.


Fischer Road Cargo GmbH at Frankfurt Airport and Fischer Road Cargo Sp. z o.o. at Warsaw Airport opened in 2005.


Fischer Road Cargo BV opened at Amsterdam Airport.


Today, just like 50 years ago when we transported a DC3 aircraft engine for the first time, our customers can still bank on our valuable qualities: flexibility, around-the-clock availability, reliability, and personalized service.

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